Photo Gallery vol. 27 Whispering with elves, trolls and hidden-folks by keiko kurita

赤い襟巻き / Álfkona með rauðan klút - red scarf elf
陽光 / Ljósálfur - sunlight
露天風呂 / Heitur Pottur - hot pot
夜明け / Dagrenning - dawn (day is coming)
丘と山のフィヨルド / Eyjafjörður - hills and mountains fjord
地熱の湖 / Leirhnjúkur - geothermal lake
山に宿る / Fjalla-Eyvindur - dwelling mountains
巨人岩 / Bergrisi - rock giant
光の川 / Ljós Blanda - light mixture river
草の寝床 / Þúfa - sleeping grass tuft
ピンホールカメラ / フィルムで撮影
Whispering with elves, trolls and hidden-folks (小妖精たちとのささやき)

“Whispering with elves, trolls and hidden-folks” is a series taken with 1 shutter release on 5×4 films with a pinhole camera, no double exposures and no digital manipulation. Those were captured in Iceland, with an entirely unique culture among extraordinary nature, where I was always attracted to eerie senses, as if I was spellbound by the mythical and imaginary beings that dwelled there. Optically speaking, only the visible real world can be depicted in the photographs, however, I am gradually getting convinced that it is in truth possible to prove the fantastical recognition even through the optical media – photography.



keiko kurita

keiko kurita
『Whispering with elves,
trolls and hidden-folks』
(LibroArte 刊、3,465円、税込)

1975年生まれ。写真家。2006年ゴールドスミス・カレッジ・ロンドンのメディア科修了。平成23年度ポーラ美術振興財団 若手芸術家 在外研修助成により1年間アイスランドに滞在。レイキャビーク写真美術館や小海町高原美術館をはじめ、ギャラリーや美術館での展示、各地のレジデンス、写真集の刊行など、日本国内外で作品を発表し続けている。