Photo Gallery vol. 29 The Gift to Be Simple Life in the Amish Country by Bill Coleman


フィルムで撮影 © by Bill Coleman

Photos were taken over the past 40+ years using primarily film cameras (Nikon and Hassleblad). The use of film is no longer practical, unfortunately . We have a library of tens of thousands of film negatives that are being archived to protect the collection.

The Amish are a unique people whose population is expanding here in the USA. They have large families and live from the land and through various skilled trades. I have been photographing this one community for quite some time. They have grown to accept my presence and some have welcomed me into their lives. They have taught me humility in their quiet way. The Amish are a hard working group of people who have accomplished so much with little sense of pride.

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Bill Coleman

『“シンプル”という贈りもの―アーミシュの暮らしから (クロニクル・ブックス)』
著者による序文の翻訳、巻末に青山 南さんによる解説も。

Taking photos of Amish People Life in South Pennsylvania, more than 40 years.
His images evoke a feeling of yesteryear that resonates across generations and nationalities.